2014 car?

2014 car?

Formula 1’s new breed of car the 1.6L turbo charged V6 that incorporates an energy recovery system, could be as much as five seconds off the current pace. Thanks to the “FIA” and there introduction of a leaner, greener F1, not only will your favourite motorsport be slower but it will be a lot quieter too, so quite in fact prospects of an artificial sound enhancing device could be brought to the table. To add further insult to injury, later down the line these cars may become hybrids using electric to bring them down the pit lane however this is likely to be a while off as concerns over the cars being to silent upon arrival, it is currently deemed as a dangerous prospect.


One thought on “2014 car?

  1. Sorry dude, I’m the Grammar Nazi. Should be: Their introduction, so quiet, using electricity, being too

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