Mercedes 2014 V6 turbo charged engine.

Mercedes 2014 V6 turbo charged engine.

At the moment formula 1 use four stroke naturally aspirated V8 engines that produces 18,000 rpm and around 800 bhp. The new engines will hopefully hit around the 750 bhp mark.
from 2006-2008 the engine output was limited to around 19000 rpm, In 2009 up until today the limit was reduced to 18,000 rpm and in 1014 these turbo charged engines will be reduced to just 15000 rpm! Does anyone else see a pattern emerging here?
(KERS) will be dropped in favour of ( ERS), which will store and inject 120kW of power back into the engine, which will make a huge difference. Whereas KERS isn’t that noticeable, ERS will make a very significant difference to lap time. Heat recovery from the exhaust is part of a system which will harvest five times the energy KERS does currently.
The change in these greener engines will hopefully bring in new fresh sponsors as many believe advertising such an environmentally damaging sport is not good for business in today’s world.
Hopefully these changes won’t have to much impact on the sport we all know and love. We’re all in this together, teams, drivers and F1 fans alike. It’s safe to say we will have a very interesting 2014 season come what may!
Hope everybody is enjoying this season so far, let’s hope it continues!


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