Formula 1 2014 The 1.6L turbo change over:

I know the 2013 season has just gotten underway but that doesn’t mean that a dull future for motorsport isn’t looming.


2014 car?

2014 car?

Formula 1’s new breed of car the 1.6L turbo charged V6 that incorporates an energy recovery system, could be as much as five seconds off the current pace. Thanks to the “FIA” and there introduction of a leaner, greener F1, not only will your favourite motorsport be slower but it will be a lot quieter too, so quite in fact prospects of an artificial sound enhancing device could be brought to the table. To add further insult to injury, later down the line these cars may become hybrids using electric to bring them down the pit lane however this is likely to be a while off as concerns over the cars being to silent upon arrival, it is currently deemed as a dangerous prospect.

Mercedes 2014 V6 turbo charged engine.

Mercedes 2014 V6 turbo charged engine.

At the moment formula 1 use four stroke naturally aspirated V8 engines that produces 18,000 rpm and around 800 bhp. The new engines will hopefully hit around the 750 bhp mark.
from 2006-2008 the engine output was limited to around 19000 rpm, In 2009 up until today the limit was reduced to 18,000 rpm and in 1014 these turbo charged engines will be reduced to just 15000 rpm! Does anyone else see a pattern emerging here?
(KERS) will be dropped in favour of ( ERS), which will store and inject 120kW of power back into the engine, which will make a huge difference. Whereas KERS isn’t that noticeable, ERS will make a very significant difference to lap time. Heat recovery from the exhaust is part of a system which will harvest five times the energy KERS does currently.
The change in these greener engines will hopefully bring in new fresh sponsors as many believe advertising such an environmentally damaging sport is not good for business in today’s world.
Hopefully these changes won’t have to much impact on the sport we all know and love. We’re all in this together, teams, drivers and F1 fans alike. It’s safe to say we will have a very interesting 2014 season come what may!
Hope everybody is enjoying this season so far, let’s hope it continues!

Did you know: (Tyres)


At the start of every race weekend each driver is given 29 sets of tyre. 11 sets of dry’s, 6 of the harder prime , 5 of the
..softer options, 4 sets of intermediates and 3 sets of wets. That’s 1044 per team this season alone. 11,484 sets of tyres per season. One set of primes are sent back to the supplier before the start of practice 2 and one of each specification before practice three.This leaves the driver with 8 sets of dry’s and 4 set’s  of each compounds for the rest of the event. Now that’s a lot of rubber!

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Shanghai International circuit:


Next up on the F1 calendar is China. The Shanghai GP on April 14th.  The Shanghai circuit was first used in F1. In 2004 and was built at the cost of US$240 million. It is 305.26km (56 laps) long and was the most expensive track of it’s time. The area was transformed from swampland to the international racetrack within 18 months with a team of 3000 engineers to build it. It holds a capacity of 200,000 souls 50,000 of which are seated and 29,000 are grandstand seats that view around 80 percent of the track. Formula1 cars can surpass 300 km/h (186 mph) on the long straight between corners 13 and 14.[8]
The track layout was inspired from the Chinese character shang
 (上) the first character in the name of the city Shanghai, meaning “above” or “ascend”.  The first F1 driver to win the Shanghai GP in 2004 was Rubens Barrichello, and the quickest lap of this track easy set by Michael Schumacher in 2004 with s time of 1.32:238 on it’s debut. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, roll on China.

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Team orders: Do we want them?

Team orders: Do we want them?

Team orders, help or hindrance?
This is a question that has the best of us in split minds. On one hand is it better for the team to control the drivers and thus the race outcome of that team, or should the driver simply be left to drive for his own best position possible?
Team orders have been around in Formula 1 pretty much from the beginning weather it was shouted to the driver in the pit lane or over the team radio. In fact it wasn’t unheard of that a driver would give up his car if his team mate had crashed his own and was in a better position back in the olden days.
In the late 90’s team orders were gaining more and more bad press and very negative reactions from the public, especially in 1997 when during the European GP, Jacques Villeneuve who was already that years champion was asked over the team radio to move over and let McLaren through as they had been very helpful to them. Ouch!
Another example amongst many was in 2002 at the Aussie GP Ferrari ordered Rubens Barrichello to move over to allow team mate Michael Schumacher to win, He moved over just a few meters before the finish line. This did not go down well.
It was after the 2002 season the FIA stepped in and announced “Team orders that could influence the outcome of a race are banned.”
Hmm did that stop anyone? Well let’s see, how many times have you heard the likes of.. “Your team mate is quicker, do you understand?” Yes a lot!
It is the recent event between Red Bull pair Sebastian Vettel and Mark webber, when Vettel ignored direct team orders to stay in possition but then overtook Webber to go on and win the race. That brings us once again to this question. Should direct team orders be allowed?
Webber is not as innocent as he likes to make out though. In 2010 at the German GP, he was given direct orders to slow down and let team mate Vettel to overtake him, however Webber disregarded this message and the pair collided, neither one of whom would accept the blame.
So what do you think? Should the most competitive and best drivers in the world be told what to do for the sake of a favoured driver, the good of the team and for the safety and safe return of the drivers and their cars, or should they be allowed to do what comes naturally to them and drive the hell out of them cars?